Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts

Comme des Garçons Play White Little Heart Tee

“I cherish that the material on this is only somewhat thicker than on generally tees. The sleeves on this are perfect, as well — not too long but rather not top sleeves, either. Furthermore, despite the fact that I have a long middle, I have an oddly high abdomen, and by one means or another these hit at a sweet recognize that truly compliments me. I never wear it tucked or with a moved sleeve since it’s the ideal length. In addition, the heart just gives it that Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts of ‘tude.” — Jesse Lee, visual craftsman


$85 at Ssense

For wearing without a bra:

Levi’s Ideal Pocket Tee Merken

Photograph: Kindness of the seller

Levi’s Ideal Pocket Tee

“I’ve recently begun wearing this pocket tee, and totally cherish that it doesn’t have a delicate value. Such huge numbers of ladies’ shirts have that stretchiness about them, however this has the weight and structure of a men’s shirt. I like wearing it front-tucked with pants and moving up the sleeves. The best thing about it is the impeccably put take over the left boob, which I think suits ladies who are littler busted. The shirt’s hazy, so I can avoid a bra, as well (I detest bras).” — Shannon Adducci, contributing editorial manager, Bulletin


$30 at Levi’s

For rich non-abrasiveness:

Buck Bricklayer Slub Tee Merken

Photograph: Politeness of the seller

Buck Bricklayer Slub Tee

“I used to be a major James Perse wearer, yet as of late I experienced passionate feelings for the Shirt of a male companion of mine. I caught up on against him and felt this amazingly smooth surface, so obviously I stole the shirt (which is too enormous for me in a way I like), and each time I wear it, it feels milder than silk.” — Deborah Castel, senior footwear architect, Opening Function


$28 at Spring

For wearing under a dress:

Settlement Slipover Tee Merken

Photograph: Obligingness of the seller

Agreement Slipover Tee

“I purchase this shirt in additional extensive so it’s easygoing and free, however by one means or another despite everything it has a shape that embraces the correct parts over the abdomen. I’ll combine it with anything — pants under a vintage ‘90s aircraft coat, or with a short skirt, or even under loose dresses. Additionally, I adore that it’s made of natural cotton with dependable assembling and cultivating hones.” — Diya Vij, social maker


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