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Try not to purchase anything from Ted Cook. I purchased a Niriah Maxi dress which cost 320Euro. I wore it Ted Baker Bags the material caught everytime I touched off anything. The silk on the dress around the pockets is totally worn. I brought it back and all the better they could do is a trade. I now have another dress I can’t wear as I probably am aware it will be crushed after one wear. The person in the shop said this is on account of the material us so sensitive. The dress is polyester. It’s a joke. Try not to Purchase ANYTHING FRON TED Pastry specialist… Read Full Audit

I requested a telephone cover for my accomplices birthday. It touched base with no bundling, the green Ted Pastry specialist box with a name on. So when the postman offered it to my other a large portion of the day befor his birthday, no speculating required. I paid £5.99 postage for this… Read Full Audit


Obtained a couple of gentlemen shoes, inside 3 weeks they truly tumbled to bits. Traded for a comparable combine, they too have tumbled to bits. The calfskin sole split, the recuperate rubbers are hanging off and they have extended. I will never again make a buy from this organization. Pleasant shoe box however… Read Full Survey

She is a robot or a mannequin-whichever way absolutely pointless person. On the off chance that they have such poor client benefit, you can envision how well their item holds up. Try not to buy anything from their online website, it is erroneous and you won’t get your item as said. I needed to debilitate to sue to recover my cash… Read Full Survey


The belt I purchased is the most exceedingly awful quality belt I have ever had in my life. Cost £45, had it a little more than a year and its tumbled to pieces from ordinary product and tear. Trully Stunning… Read Full Audit

Try not to purchase online from their site, in the event that you have an issue you should return it or debate the accuse of your Mastercard. They will state you can restore the item yet you need to pay transporting once more. Client benefit is unpleasant and they don’t appear to think about clients or the general understanding… Read Full Survey


Got given a Ted Pastry specialist belt as a blessing. Cost £50. The belt broke on the third time it was utilized. I typically purchase belts from Matalan for £5 and they a years ago. This was a belt for best. Reached client support and “Charley” said she would investigate it and after seven days I was hazed off with “we cannot help on this occassion” yet “warm respects” any way. This is trash. Im reaching head office and grievances. Dont mind the £50 for the belt yet it at any rate should be fit for reason

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